Meet the Team

Madison Lai

CEO, Co-Founder

Madison is responsible for the Vrume platform design and implementation. With a background in HR and higher education, Madison is focused on creating a platform that is powerful and easy to use.

When she's not doing that, you can find her playing with her dogs and if she has it her way, traveling the world.


Lutz Lai

CTO, Co-Founder

Lutz is responsible for the technical and is the one who makes the magic happen. Have questions about software development? Lutz is active on Stack Overflow

When he's not doing that you can find him spending time with his family or playing video games.


About Vrume

Career fairs are ever evolving to offer students and employers more value. Vrume is the next step in the evolution process. Like most solutions out there, Vrume started with a frustration of the status quo and the amount of paperwork that goes into career fairs. If there's anything we hate here at Vrume, that is redundancy and data entry (ewww, human error). Thus, Vrume was born, a solution to the redundacy of current digital platforms and data entry.

We believe that if you prioritize the student experience, everyone is happier: students, employers, and universities. Students are our future, brimming with unlimited potential. Let's work together to make it easy for them to find their post-collegiate future.